Boring fine print

To remain accessible and affordable to the community, the registration cost for Winter’s Flame has been set at a low price. As a result, there is little margin for error and refunds are available only in cases of emergency.

Scent-free space
Several of our members have severe reactions to scents. Please do not wear body fragrances, scented lotions, perfumes, or colognes. Regular deodorant is acceptable, but not body sprays with heavy fragrances. Do not burn incense or scented candles or use essential oils at any time, including rituals. Please respect that we want everyone to be able to attend and to maintain the integrity of their health.

Drugs and alcohol
It is quite possible to attain higher states of consciousness without the use of mind-altering substances. While some people advocate the use of intoxicants for spiritual purposes, that practice is contrary to the intention of this event. Alcohol and drugs are not welcome at Winter’s Flame; do not bring them with you, and please abstain from using them during the weekend. Our security team cannot police your actions, but we can ask you to leave if you are intoxicated.

Medical marijuana
If you have a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana, please mention that when you register. Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding at a past event, if you must use marijuana for health reasons during the weekend, you are expected to do so off the premises and alone.

We strive to be a family-friendly community. You are welcome to attend with your children, and you must take responsibility for them at all times. Children, like adults, must register and pay in advance. The cost for teenagers is the same as the cost for adults. Children 12 and under receive a 50% discount, yet the meditative nature of this weekend may not make it the ideal environment for small kids. Please try bringing your children to a Spark circle before registering them for Winter’s Flame.

Pets are not permitted at the event. If you rely on a registered service animal, please inform us when you register.

Disruptive behavior
Winter’s Flame aims to create a safe and harmonious container for magical work. Please honor our community responsibility guidelines. As part of our commitment to building community, we will do our best to resolve any problems or disagreements that arise during the weekend. Nonetheless, anyone who behaves in a way that is considered dangerous or disruptive will be expelled without refund.


  • All forms of photography and recording are prohibited during ritual circles and workshops. At other times, you may take pictures, make videos, or record audio, provided that you have obtained permission from everyone involved.
  • People generally don’t like to be photographed in their pajamas, so be darn sure you have permission before taking any pictures during the slumber party.